About Journal

Pomology Research Journal is a scientific journal publishing research papers related to production, phytopathology, biochemistry, breeding, biotechnology, pathology, nutrition, micropropagation and tissue culture, physiology and post-harvest physiology and technology, engineering, fruit processing and other related fields of fruit crops including temperate fruits, tropical and subtropical fruits, small fruits and nuts. The scope of the journal includes all horticultural fruit crops but does not include speciality crops such as forestry crops.

Types of paper:

1. Original full papers (regular papers)

2. Review articles (should cover a part of the subject of active current interest)

3. Short Communications

3.1 Report of preliminary results of important research (pilot investigation: e.g. no duplications or with other restrictions)

3.2 Newly developed methodology or modification of existing methodology, possibly description of first test.

3.3 Results of the application of an earlier published research methodology on other crops or under different conditions (fact finding or recipes) that are nevertheless of interest to an international readership should include new scientific insight.

4. Book Reviews (included in the journal on a range of relevant books which are not more than 5 years old).

Original papers should report the results of original research. The submitted papers should not have been previously published elsewhere, except in a preliminary form or abstract. Reviews should cover a part of the subject active current interest. They may be submitted or invited.

Short Communications should be as completely documented, both by reference to the literature and description of the experimental procedures employed, as a regular paper.