Peer Review Process

The submitted articles are first evaluated and checked editor and the editorial board, and in the case of matching with the format and scope of the journal, the paper it is sent to two or three expert reviewers. The results of the evaluations and the opinions of the referees are reviewed by the editorial board and if corrections are needed, paper is sent to the authors for revisions. The authors should revise the paper according to the reviewer’s comments and resubmit the paper and the response to the reviewers letter in 10 days. After receiving the revised version, the manuscript is then sent to the referee for final evaluation. If the opinion of the final reviewer as well as the editor for acceptance is positive, the review process of the paper will be completed and the initial acceptance letter will be issued to the authors. After this stage, and after final approval by the editorial board the manuscript will be published. The whole process, from receiving the paper to sending the letter of acceptance or rejection of the paper, takes about two months.